Your Fall 2019 Date Night Bucket List

fall 2019 bucket list for couples - adelska date night

Falling Hard

Whether you are a basic betch and have been drinking pumpkin spice lattes with your sweetheart for the past few weeks already, or you are way behind on planning some Fall 2019 activities, we’ve been dreaming up this couple’s fall 2019 bucket list for you since July.

This blog is going to be short but sweet because one of the activities on my fall bucket list is having my second baby… and she was due yesterday… really.

That said, we couldn’t miss sharing this top 10 list with you this week. And don’t forget, if you don’t love planning epic moments with your beau (or boo?), you can hire us and we’ll create a memorable date night experience for you.

Top 10 Fall Activities to Enjoy with Your Pumpkin

  1. If your favorite season is Fall, you’ve already ordered your first PSL (that is pumpkin spice latte). But if not, one quick/easy/simple/fun way to celebrate and welcome the new season is to head to your favorite coffee shop or bar and order a pumpkin spiced drink or perhaps a spiked apple cider is more your vibe. Either way, drop a PSL off at your partner’s office or pick your person up from work and head out for a seasonal drink. They will “fall” head over heels with your spontaneity (the first of many puns in this blog - sorry, not sorry).

  2. Don’t just carve a grocery store pumpkin, go pick out the perfect one together. Visit your favorite pumpkin patch and then get to carving. Your partner may surprise you with their creativity. Oh and don’t forget to bake the seeds for a snack later, heck, make a pie or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too. Oh my gourd, this sounds like so much fun. If you’re local, this is our favorite patch because it’s more of a festival with music, food, pumpkins, etc., and you can make a whole day of it.

  3. Visit an apple orchard and taste those fresh apple cider donuts IRL (in real life). They’re too good to be true. For Coloradoan’s this is our favorite orchard, and you can even bring a picnic lunch to really soak up all of the scenery.

  4. Book an overnight trip to peep some of those Aspens. Don’t forget your favorite sweater and a good ol’ YETI mug to do it in style.

  5. Head to Estes Park in quest of a caramel apple and perhaps some salt water taffy. You can even watch the taffy being made here. This is a family favorite tradition of ours because it makes for the perfect day trip.

  6. Need an excuse to hold your honey’s hand (or perhaps jump into their arms in distress)? Head to a local corn maze and walk through the “scary” maze together. Some of the costumed characters might just send you leaping into your partner’s arms. A-maize-ing, right?.

  7. Order your favorite couples costume and head to a Halloween party. My husband and I dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus every year and it never seems to disappoint the crowds. Feel free to steal our incognito disguise – you’re welcome.

  8. Create your ideal Thanksgiving menu and invite a friend (or several) over for a Friendsgiving meal. The best part about this is you get to cook with your honey buns and practice pulling those fancy leaf plates down from your closet without breaking them.

  9. For those couples who love a truly frightening experience, we recommend a good ole ghost tour. Did you know Denver has what is considered one of the most haunted roads in the country? If haunted houses are more your style, there are plenty around. And if you appreciate a little suspense without the creepiness of a graveyard scene, opt for a murder mystery dinner.

  10. Lastly, but definitely not least, we recommend preparing a warm meal at home. Perhaps you make the chili and assign the cinnamon rolls to your sweetheart. Throw on a spooky film and hide under those blankets together.

We think there are endless opportunities to “fall” more in love this autumn and hope these ideas give you a starting point for a romantic season together. Don’t forget about us though - we’re professional third wheels.

Whether you can already smell the love in this brisk air, or it’s time to turn a new leaf (sorry, last pun), we can book a fun date night, overnight adventure or weekend getaway to get your Fall started off right. Check out adelska.com/explore to learn more.

Brooke Cheishvili