We found this awesome post about 10 ways parents can go on a date with their kids and thought we’d share a few tips on how to make these ideas work for your family every time.

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Sometimes it isn’t about what you’re doing together, but how you position date night with everyone in your family. Here are a few quick tips:

5 Tips for Date Night Success Every Time

  1. Set a date, and put it on the family calendar. If you set a date in advance, everyone in the house will be full of anticipation and excitement leading up to that day. Even if it is ordering pizza and watching a movie, if you put “pizza and movie night” on the calendar, everyone will have the opportunity to think about what toppings they want to indulge in and which movie they’ve been wanting to see.

  2. Dress up. Give everyone a chance to develop their date night fashion/style. Tell your husband/wife and kids to plan their date night outfit in advance so it feels like a bigger deal than running to frozen yogurt in your pajamas (although this can be fun too).

  3. But first, take a photo. Don’t forget to document this precious time together. When you get to your date night location, ask your kiddos to find the perfect background for your family picture. Take that family selfie but also don’t be afraid to ask someone else to snap a quick shot for you too. It might feel simple or silly at first, but you will love looking back on these fun memories down the road.

  4. Don’t overplan. Keep it simple (note the ideas in the link above) and keep expectations low. Someone is bound to squirt ketchup all over the date night shirt you picked out. Somebody else might be tired. You might be tempted to pick up your phone and answer a work email. Whatever happens, do your best to stay present, laugh at the things you cannot control, and enjoy the quickly passing time with your loves.

  5. Give everyone a turn. As my two year old loves to say, “it’s my turn!” Let every person in your family plan a date night. Does Susie want to go to the zoo but Johnny wants to head to the jumping gym? While you are on your date night, let the next kiddo or family member plan your next outing. Remember to put it on the calendar when you get home and get excited for your next adventure.

Whether you are dating your spouse or looking for some creative ways to include the family, keep these tips top of mind. Remember, it is the quality of time, not the number of dates you can fit in a week, that matters.

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