Costumes are stressful, for lots of reasons. Normally I avoid them and keep my focus on the kids but this year I’m trying to up my game..mostly because my co founder is making me but also because it’s fun and I’m all about getting outside of your comfort zone.

So with that said, check out my picks for couples costumes this year:

Mommy / Daddy/etc. Shark:

Who are they? They are a shark family from a viral kid song that took South Korea and then the world by storm. There’s a baby, mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa. Inexplicably, they go hunt and then run away … from themselves? I don’t know. I do know that it buys me up to 90 seconds of toddler engagement, so I look past the vaguely sexist undertones and play it once or sixteen times a day. We just make sure to even it out with some Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

How to get it done. Shark head. Done. We got a hammerhead shark hat/mask type deal at Target. It cost maybe ten dollars and doesn’t cover your eyes or breathing holes. Comfy, simple, and zeitgeist-y. Boom.

shark head.jpg

Better Half

What is it? The world’s easiest costume. You literally could not make is simpler and look this cute - right up my alley.

How do get it done. Head over to Etsy and pick up a pair of these shirts for yourself. $32.99 well spent!

Jack and Annie:

Who are they? You know them, you love them, they may haunt your dreams. I’m talking about the sugary-sweet brother-sister duo from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, of the famed Magic Treehouse series. Book after book, they get moved in time and space by a treehouse portal. These adventures are often objectively disturbing, involving poltergeists, war mongers, and wild animals. Meanwhile, the children are armed only with some kind of magical Lonely Planet guidebook and the ability to move the story forward through obvious exposition.

How to get it done. This is a flexible costume. Jack has short brown hair and round red glasses. Annie has light brown, maybe blonde hair often styled in braided pigtails. Other than that, they’ve been everywhere so you could dress like elementary school kids or literally anyone in history. But how you really sell it is by never going out of character. If someone says “Who are you guys?” you would respond, looking at your partner, “Jack, the locals seem so friendly. I think they can help us.” To which Jack would reply “I don’t know, Annie. Let me do some reading in our book first.” Or, if you find yourself at a party, and you are offered a drink, Jack may respond by speaking only to Annie “Don’t do it, Annie. Merlin said that we have to watch out for bad magic.” Impetuous Annie should then take the drink and tell Jack “Don’t be silly, Jack. We’ve got to blend in.”

Over the course of the evening, people might stop talking to the two of you. But it’s because they’re in awe, so just keep it up. If all else fails, spin and spin. And then go quiet, absolutely quiet.

jack and annie.png

Star Belly & Plain Belly Sneetches

Who are they? They’re pretty well known Dr. Seuss characters. They teach the very important lesson that it doesn’t matter what you look like because at the end of the day…we’re all just sneetches.

How to get it done. This one can be as easy or as complicated as you like. To keep it simple, dress yourself in yellow from head to toe. Put a star on one of your bellies and you’re done. Want to fancy it up? Grab one of those pointed party hats and put it over your mouth like a beak. To really bring it home, pop a couple of sad looking feathers on top of your head. Bam! Done.


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Gretchen Bartek