It was the Fall of 2015 and my marriage was in a rut. We weren't miserable but exhausted from our daily routine and definitely complacent in our dating life. Both my husband and I worked full time, we had two small kids, and basically walked around in a haze of work, laundry and meal prep.  

On a scheduled date night we got into the car and started going back and forth with the typical "what do you want to do?" Fast forward one hour and there we were, sitting in the same restaurant we always go to. After dinner we returned home, surprising our babysitter who greeted us with a, "you're home already?"

I looked at my husband and asked, "What happened? We used to be so fun." And believe me, we were we fun! Out late a few nights a week – cocktails-new adventures-late for curfew kind of fun! Once we had kids life looked different – not bad, just different. So now the big question was how do we get our groove back?

It was the next day that I set out on a personal mission to fill the void. I started looking for new adventures that could fit into our current lifestyle. It started to snowball and before I knew it, friends were tagging along and I had become the unofficial cruise director.  

One night, I was at home with my family when my husband's phone rang. It was his boss and he wanted to talk to me. "He wants to talk to me?" I said.

It was a Wednesday and he had promised his wife a weekend away that Friday, only he hadn't planned anything. He was swamped and didn't know where to start. I said "give you me your credit card, I'll take care of everything." I hung up and before I even planned their weekend getaway, a lightbulb went off. We weren't alone.

Planning worthwhile time together is not only time consuming, but overwhelming and frustrating. Denver Date Nite makes it easy and fun.

That was the moment Denver Date Nite was born.

It started slowly. I spent a lot of time working out the formula.

  1. How many stops?

  2. What combination of activities?

  3. What did I need to plan the perfect date?

I spent my weekends getting to know Denver even better. I would pick a neighborhood and walk it street by street introducing myself to every business owner and manager, a number of whom gave me a confused look when I explained my idea. 

From there, I began building out the platform. I taught myself how to build the site with help from a lot of YouTube tutorials. I bullied my big brother into building the backend framework. And as time went on, the word spread and I started getting more and more orders for date night itineraries. My suspicion was confirmed, we weren't the only ones feeling this way, and we could do something about it. 

My cofounder will share her own story about how she landed upon Denver Date Nite but long story short, our team has come together and we are preparing to launch our new brand. Stay tuned for more news on Adelska Date Night.