Ah’s the best time of year. The leaves are changing, cozy sweaters are coming out, and pumpkin patches are in full effect. You can find one in nearly every city across Colorado - usually more than one. If you’re like me, you go every year and know the drill. That doesn’t mean the experience needs to be monotonous though! Here are some tips on how to spice up your pumpkin patch outing.


Take those carefully selected pumpkins and get creative with your carving. We like to up our game and get just a little creepier than the previous year.

One fun idea, make it a competition between the two of you, 4 of you….heck bring the whole block into it! A cheesy trophy is often motivation enough to get everyone pumped.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner so pick an extra pumpkin and use it as an opportunity to really hone those baking skills. Up your game even more and get creative with the design. Pinterest is a great stop for a bit of inspiration.

pumpkin pie.jpg

Photo Opps

Colorado has some pretty epic farms. They’re historic, picturesque and totally Gram worthy. If Instagram is your jam, I highly recommend Osborn Farm for something extra special.

There are even some that do really fun grown up only night time activities. No, not that - this is a PG blog! I mean things like live Bluegrass and local brews maybe even a farm dinner outside.



Grow your own pumpkin patch! Ok, obviously this isn’t an idea that you can pull off this season and definitely requires a good bit of space but it’s definitely something to keep in mind for next year. Think of how impressed all your neighbors will be.

diy pumpkin.jpg

We think there are endless opportunities here. Make it romantic date outing complete with PSL’s or a family day that ends with cider and doughnuts.

Whether your creative planning juices just aren’t flowing or you don’t have the time for that seemingly endless planning, we can book a fun date night, overnight adventure or weekend getaway to get your Fall started off right. Check out to learn more.

Gretchen Bartek