Starting this company, I was so excited to share with the world what I had discovered. I found a way to solve a problem that seemed like one everyone faced at one time or another: spicing up the date night routine without the stress of planning it. After caring for young kids, long days at work, extra curriculars and all of the other distractions that creep up, it’s hard to prioritize time together, even though we all know how important it is.

Even now, being the founder of a company that preaches time together is so important, my husband and I find it occasionally slipping to the back burner. I don’t know about you, but we have to work to prioritize it.

One simple way we do this is by gifting each other adventures together. When special occasions come up, I now know that I’m not getting a kitchen appliance, or even jewelry or a handbag. I know I’m going to do something adventurous with my husband. What could be better?

For Christmas this past year, I gifted my husband with a weekend away for the two of us. I booked our sitter, bought our flights, found the VRBO and the best part - I booked us a full weekend of new adventures. You gotta live what you preach, right? Here’s how it went:

Day One:

Check in, grab a beer, then head to dinner at the local hot spot.


Idaho fawn pooping.JPG

Day Two:

Full day of a guided fly fishing trip - it was amazing! My husband had been fishing but I hadn’t. It was no problem. The guide got me fully decked in the right gear and provided great instruction. Not to mention, he was right up our alley - relaxed but fun to chat with. I loved wading in the river all day. We got to be close to one another but also have space to do our own thing and wander off. The best part, it was something we’ve never done together before. Oh, and yes, that fawn is pooping directly behind me. It’s nature, what can I say.

Idaho fishing.JPG

Day Three:

Idaho hike 1.jpg

Getting outdoors is always my favorite part of our weekends away. It’s becoming our tradition to hit up whatever the famous local hike is. So that’s what we did. Helloooo Table Rock - you were brutal but worth it.

Idaho bike ride.jpg

Lastly, we did our own little brewery tour on bikes before heading for the airport.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend and probably one of the best gifts I’ve given my husband, especially since I got to enjoy it too. Can’t wait until next year – how am I going to up his Christmas gift this time around?

Gretchen Bartek