You want me to go on a morning date?

That would be a yes. Morning dates are a fun way to escape the heat as well as the norms of what a date has to look like. Whatever your reason for switching it up though (need to be home for bedtime these days?), the following are some great ideas for getting out and about while the sun’s out.

Sunny-side up

Culturally we are very accustomed to meeting up in the evening for a date. Of course dinner reservations are easier to make in the evening but there are several hot spots that are available in the morning too. If you are trying to switch things up a bit, try these ideas out!

  1. Calling all java snobs! Become a true coffee connoisseur by visiting your favorite roastery. You can still wake up to a killer cup of coffee but why not get more hands on with a coffee roasting class? It’s not your typical brewery tour (we see you, Denver-ites) but just as fascinating to learn what goes into your morning joe.

  2. Oh, you fancy? We think you should dress up and go out for a champagne brunch. It doesn’t have to be a full on boozy brunch like the good ol’ days but find your favorite spot for chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, or the like and make a reservation (yes, planning ahead really does make it more special).

  3. Want to get hawt and sweaty? A fun nature hike should do the trick. That or a run around your favorite park would be great. If you are a Denver local, head to Red Rocks to go big. And if you are trying to impress someone with your thoughtfulness, pack a picnic brunch or lunch. That way you can eat the calories you just worked so hard for!

  4. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a mean breakfast that your family and friends rave about? Take a cooking class for two and learn how to say, “how would you like your eggs this morning?” Whether you’re more of an eggs benedict guy or you really like your huevos rancheros with extra salsa, go take a class with your special someone. Why do my blogs always make me hungry?

  5. For you adventure-phenes kayaking at the reservoir, indoor skydiving and zip lining are always fun ways to become one with the planet and lean on each other when you’re feeling extra nervous about flying through the air. Get those flight or fight reactions running high and experience something new together. We guarantee you will have something to talk about for the years to come.

  6. And last but not least, we have some ideas for you animal lovers too. The Denver Zoo hosts private morning encounters where you can get up close and personal with your favorite furry friends, and if you’re more daring, we think you should try the shark tank dives at the Aquarium. That’s right. You’ll probably see some turtles, barracuda and sawfishies too.

Those are just some of the fun ways to date your special someone during the day.

You too, can be a date night hero

If your wife, husband, partner, significant other (did I get them all?) wants you to up your thoughtfulness game, this can be more intimidating than it has to be. Really, just a little planning ahead means the world in most cases.

I once asked my boyfriend (now husband) to propose by having a penguin waddle up to me and hand me my ring. It was that or I had dreamt up one of those flash mobs you see on YouTube and then start crying for no reason because it was just. so. beautiful. No? Nobody? These ideas were a. probably terrifying and b. made him rethink any sort of proposal at all. I’ll share our engagement story another day.

The point is, you can either do some research, shuffle schedules, book those reservations and pretend to be a spy while you keep it all a surprise, or you can also outsource the leg work to us. We are here so that you can connect with your person without doing all of the planning. Who has time for that any way? And the best part is, you can still be the hero! You can take all of the credit (as you should) for planning something epic that you’ll talk about forever. What have you got to lose? That too, is another blog for another day.

Brooke Cheishvili