We hear it often...'date nights are important for a strong relationship.'  But, sometimes going out can seem daunting and exhausting.  If you need to change up the routine but want to stay in, keep reading...

Rest assured that successful date nights can be created in the comfort of your own home.  Skip the makeup, skip the fancy shoes, skip the traffic.  Check out some of our favorite date night in ideas.

Camping At Home - no need to drive hours into the mountains to find a great campsite.  Set up your tent in the backyard, blow up the air mattress, and use your favorite blankets to build a cozy camping retreat in your very own yard.  No bears, less dirt, and all of the fun of camping.  Make sure you pack a cooler, use your fire pit for smores, and shut yourself out of the house for the night (except for bathroom breaks!).  Leave your phone in the house and pretend you don't get service!  You will love this relaxing 'getaway'. 

Theme Night - pick a theme and run with it.  Let your night reflect your theme; the music, the food, the movie, etc.  Do yo love Italian food?  Turn on some Andrea Bocelli, whip up your best manicotti, finish the meal with a delicious tiramisu, watch The Italian Job, and sip on a negroni!  No need for the long flight, bring another culture into your home with themed date nights.

Vacation Planning Date - have you been talking about getting away, for real?  Plan a date night at home and get to work on planning your next vacation.  You can combine this with the theme night - make dinner, drinks, and music match the location you are planning to go!  Having a vacation to look forward to makes long days easier, take the time to plan that getaway.

At-Home Wine Tasting - make a tasty charcuterie plate and buy a few bottles of wine you have not tried.  Look for mini bottles so nothing goes to waste!  Put bags around each bottle so you don't know which bottle you are tasting.  Pour 3 tasters, makes notes, and then compare notes with your significant other.  You might just find a new favorite wine!

Cook Your Way Through a Cookbook - find a cookbook you both like, and cook your way through it.  Once a week, pick a recipe, and cook dinner together.  Some favorite cookbooks: Dinner Dates: A Cookbook for Couples Cooking Together, Date Night In, The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook....there are so many.  Find one with recipes that look good and spend each week reconnecting over a meal you create.  Some may be great, some not so great but it will always give you something new to talk about!

Strip Trivia - if you really need to kick up a notch, grab your favorite version of Trivial Pursuit and put some layers on!  Test your trivia prowess and turn the heat up.

Of course, if you would rather go out, Denver Date Nite is always here to help.  Let DDN do the work so all you have to do is enjoy a night (or day) out!