Get a romantic overnight in before it turns cold. And hey, we think you should leave the planning to us.

Get a romantic overnight in before it turns cold. And hey, we think you should leave the planning to us.


You hear: A cozy tent, a moonlit evening, and the soothing sounds of nature.

She thinks: Mosquitos, no hot water, dishes to wash!

Make it a "glamping" trip and your ideal romantic outing under the stars may become a reality. 

Summer is going by quickly so if you are hoping to get a good camping trip in before it turns cold, we came up with some tips for you and your partner. Whether you add just a bit of glamour to your camping, or go all out, attention to a few important details can make your outdoor date night a pleasure for you both.

  • Upgrade the accommodations. There is a world of outdoor overnight options beyond the traditional tent, including safari-style tents, yurts (a mix between a cabin and a tent) and even treehouses. Rent a vintage airstream or go all out with a rustic cabin, fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom and electricity. If you opt for tent camping, splurge for one that offers plenty of space and is weather-proof, or at a minimum, weather resistant. Whatever your choice, vet your site beforehand to assure a choice spot far from the noise of the playground, bathhouse and RV parking.

  • Comfort is key.  Forget about your old Boy Scout sleeping bag. Invest in an inflatable mattress, or better yet, snuggle up in a cozy queen-size sleeping bag for two with a plush sleeping pad underneath. Bring along a comfy hammock for some deluxe napping.  Oh, and did we mention: please choose a campsite with running water, bathrooms and showers!

  • Set the scene. Make it special with a bluetooth speaker and your favorite tunes.  A few battery-powered string lights are a nice touch. See, we told you camping could be romantic.

  • Relax with some great food and drink.  Leave the hot dogs and marshmallows for the kids. Pack a nice chilled bottle of wine and some simple snacks (cheese, grapes, rustic bread). Or go all out with gourmet camping recipes that will make your partner feel wined-and-dined, even in the woods.

  • Keep it fun. Plan ahead for activities you know you'll both enjoy, whether it is biking, hiking, rafting or horseback riding. Most importantly, it's an occasion to unplug and enjoy nature and quality time with each other.

Planning is the key to the perfect getaway. Want to make it happen but don’t have time to think about the details? Let our team at Adelska Date Night  take care of all the details for your customized adventure! Whether it’s a camping trip or a stay at a luxe mountain resort, we can make it happen with our weekend getaway service.



Brooke Cheishvili