Why Couples Go On Dates

It turns out that most couples want to prioritize date night these days. Whether they appreciate time alone, know that they need time to reconnect with their busy work schedules, or are looking for a way to bond after many years together, date night is on the back of most couples’ minds.

Benefits to Date Night

In a report called, “The Date Night Opportunity,” the authors note there are five huge benefits to going on a date night.

  1. It creates an opportunity for communication, and setting apart time to communicate about the relationship deepens each person’s understanding of how things are going. Because both people in the relationship are always changing, it is important to stay connected over time.

  2. The authors also note that couples who engage in activities that are fun, active or otherwise arousing, will appreciate each other more. “Couples may be particularly likely to benefit from a regular date night if they use it as an opportunity to do more than that old standby: dinner and a movie.” Their words not ours, folks.

  3. Consistent date night keeps the spark alive, which is particularly helpful for sustaining the fire over time. Nice analogy, eh? I liked it too.

  4. Date night strengthens each person’s commitment to one another. If you are focused on each other, you are less likely to be focused on anyone else.

  5. Lastly, they mention that date night is actually a stress reliever. With all of the responsibilities of life (work, family, friends, social activities, fitness and nutrition, the list goes on…), date night will take your mind off of your to do list and allow you to focus on each other. As a new mom, this one totally makes sense to me.

One of our monthly subscribers said this about why she and her husband prioritize date night:

For me and my husband, life is fast and hectic. We travel a lot and work long hours. And then we tend to just hang out at home, kind of being boring! We have made date night a priority because once a month we carve out special time together to go do something new and interesting. It keeps us connected and also keeps us informed about our own town. We love it. There is no pressure or planning, we just pick a date! And then we show up for a great evening. We focus on each other, try new things, and make each other a priority. It is one of our favorite nights each month!!!
— Anastasia

So Who Goes On Adelska Dates Most Often?

While Adelska Date Night customers range across all ages and stages of life, we see the following couples really taking advantage of the experiential nature of our date night itineraries. Here are the top three couples that go on Adelska Date Nights:

  1. Engaged or newly married couples – You are living in wedded bliss but whether you are planning a wedding or just came back from your honeymoon, planning date night sounds like your personal hell. Not to worry, we can handle date night while you two continue to swoon over each other.

  2. Married couples with school age kids – Your kids have an evening routine and you have a bit of free time while they are occupied with homework or soccer practice. Why not carve out some free time for each other?

  3. Empty nesters – Your kiddos are off to college and you’re sitting in your nest wondering how to spice things up. You could rearrange your living room again, go to another movie, or you could go explore your bustling city. The best part about it is you can leave the dirty work to us, and write your own reality rom-com.

Whether you are one of these couples or in a completely different stage of life, date night is good for the soul. And hey, we’d love to plan a custom night out for you. You can head over to to choose your date night itinerary and get started.