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What does Adelska mean, anyway?

It is one of the most difficult parts of starting the company: naming the darn thing! So what’s in a name? We’ll probably get this question a lot at first so we thought we would write an entire blog about how it came to be.

So what does “adelska” mean? Well, just in case you were picturing an alpaca, a capybara or an aardvark of some sort, we thought we would clear the air.

The word “adelska” means “to love” or “for the love of,” in Icelandic. It stems from our founder, Gretchen’s, story. Not only does Gretchen’s heritage come from Iceland, she actually lived there and spoke it fluently as a child.

verb: to love

Why the sudden change?

Denver Date Nite is a brand and service that is already loved by thousands in the Mile High City so many have asked us, why change it? Let us share…

The shift in brand and our new name is directly related to our growth. We are on our way to becoming a national brand and having Denver as part of the name limited our services to this one city. While we are all grateful to call Denver our home, we have adventured through a handful of the fastest growing cities in America, and we can’t wait to help couples in those places experience elevated date nights.

Knowing that Denver Date Nite wasn’t going to be the right name forever, the founding team labored over a better option. After a few bottles of tequila (yup, a few) we had a lot of really great ideas! At least they seemed like great ideas at the time.

We spent hours looking through available domains, existing companies, asking friends, looking up synonyms, making up words, and on and on. We narrowed down the list to a few options and let it simmer.

Back to our roots

After considering several wild ideas, we landed on a name that hit close to home and captured the essence of the services we provide. At Adelska Date Night, we help couples experience life together in a new way.

Whether a couple loves outdoor adventures or learning how to make homemade limoncello in a private setting, Adelska Date Night planners customize dates that keep couples saying “remember when we…” for a lifetime.

Adelska was the best name all along (and it even was presented before all of that tequila). We could have saved ourselves some epic hangovers but it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.

A Denver-based tech startup

Regardless of our growth, Adelska Date Night will always be based in Denver. And today, it is our top-performing market. So if you are in Denver and want to surprise your special someone with a new experience, head on over to our Explore page and choose from a premium date night, overnight adventure or weekend getaway. We can’t wait to create a beautiful backdrop for you and your partner.

From left to right: Angie, Gretchen & Brooke, founders of Adelska Date Night

Founders of Adelska

From left to right: Angie, Gretchen & Brooke

Brooke Cheishvili