Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some additional questions that haven’t been answered below, please reach out to our team and ask away. We look forward to connecting with you!

How does it work?

1. Select your service. Whether it's a night out or a weekend away, we've got you covered.

2. Create your profile. Let us know when you'd like to go out and preferences on things like budget and vibe, and we'll get to planning.

3. Check Out. Book your date on our secure payment platform.

4. Tell your date or keep it a surprise – that's up to you. You will receive your date night itinerary via email. Give your date a heads up or keep it a surprise. Either way, you just became a date night hero.

When do I hear from my date planner?

Your date planner will be in contact with an itinerary, an update or additional questions within 48 hours.

What if I don't like what you planned?

Our number one priority is creating the ultimate date night experience for you and your partner. This also means we will provide new experiences outside of your normal routine, so we hope that you will keep an open mind and trust your planner. That said, if we miss the mark, you will have the opportunity to provide insight and request one itinerary change. Any requested change must be received within 48 hours of receiving your itinerary and more than 24 hours before your date.

What if something comes up and I have to miss my date?

We know life happens and unexpected circumstances come up. As long as you provide us with at least 12 hours' notice, your planner will be happy to rebook your same itinerary for a different date for $19.

What do the dates look like?

That depends on what you're looking for. Every itinerary is unique and carefully curated. You will typically enjoy an excellent meal, do something new, and feel like a VIP throughout your date. We work closely with top vendors to ensure that you receive an elevated experience unlike any other. For a few examples, check out our Explore page.

Does the fee include the whole night?

Absolutely not. :) That would be amazing though! The fee at check out is our booking fee to curate your experiences, make the necessary reservations and confirmations, and to have a personal date planner on hand for you should anything come up along the way. Don't worry though, you can set your budget for the evening in your profile and we will put you in a comfortable position to meet that criteria.

Can I take all of the credit?

You bet - you thought to call us so you control how much gets disclosed! However, because we make sure you are treated like a VIP, we can't promise your better half will not question how you pulled it all off! We do promise that we are discreet and all reservations are made under your name. You pay like you normally would on a night out and outside of your emailed itinerary, there's no trace we were ever involved. Lastly, we do have great relationships with our vendors so we cannot help if they get a little overzealous and mention Adelska Date Night.

I used [Adelska] to plan a date night for my husband’s birthday. It was fabulous from start to finish! 
— Gina K.